Scholarship Program Overview  

The Humanitarian and Educational Relief Operation (H.E.R.O.) Project is committed to providing charitable and educational services to individuals and communities. The H.E.R.O. Project model is founded on the principles of self-governance and civic duty. We believe we have a responsibility to promote our own well-being, the well being of others and of our community.

The H.E.R.O. Project seeks to identify, educate, and reward professionals who either demonstrate these principles or who desire to adopt these principles.  We also believe that the principles of self-governance and civic duty are driving forces for continued upward mobility. Upward mobility is the vehicle that carries us from a lower socioeconomic level to a higher one.  For this reason, The H.E.R.O. project seeks to identify unique candidates as recipients of The H.E.R.O. Project Scholarship.

Scholarships amounts will vary based on funding as will requirements for the scholarship.  Scholarships will be in the form of loan-repayment for the scholar.  All scholarships will be sent directly to the lender to ensure funds are used for said purpose. If accepted into The H.E.R.O. Project Scholarship Program, scholars will have to fulfill requirements in service learning obligation hours and educational modules. The model is simple, the more money donated to this initiative the more post-graduates who will be helped. Please partner with us. Sign our email list and donate today. Thank you!


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